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T-Rex Paddleboard Plans now available!

Ever wanted a great looking SUP that you can be proud of and which out-performs many mass produced boards? Not willing to spend big money on a top quality board?

Now you can build your own beautiful & affordable plywood stand up paddleboard with our plans, which are now available along with full size cutting templates.

We realize that we have customers from all over the world, which is why we have decided to release the plans in both metric and imperial measurements to suit the wide variety of people who build our designs.

The full size cut templates contain all the components necessary to build your board, saving hours of time spent lofting out panels. For those who do not have access to a large format printing service, all the necessary dimensions are supplied on the plans.

Download plans directly from our website here:

Also see our Instructional video series on Youtube, the first part of which is out now.

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