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3D Printed Paddleboard Fin

We have recently been experimenting with a 3D printed paddleboard fin for the T-Rex. We have designed this fin for cruising, touring and surfing smaller waves. It features an NACA0012 foil section for minimal drag with maximum grip in the water. The fin was 3D printed by a friend of mine using a Makerbot set to 30% infill and a shell thickness of 4. So far, we are yet to test the fin in the water but are very impressed with the strength and shape of the finished product.

At around one third of the price of a similar commercially made fin, this is a great option for those building their own board, or looking to save a few dollars. This fin fits into a standard 8" or 10" fin box, so could be used on many other boards too.

Stay posted for more testing of this fin. Depending on the results of the testing, we may offer the 3D print files or even fully printed fins for sale in the near future.

The fin during the sanding process.

Test fitting the fin into the 8" fin box

The fully sanded fin

Although the printed finish is quite rough, it's possible to sand it quite smooth.

The finished fin, awaiting fastenings and painting.

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