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- Simple  - Versatile - Hardworking - Stable -

- Updated for 2020 with new more powerful balanced lug rig! -

The Unicat 2.4 Sail combines all the features of the original Unicat, with the added versatility of a simple sailing rig. The Unicat 2.4 Sail makes an ideal tender for cruising yachts and launches. Ferry the family and gear to and from the boat with the 230kg / 3 Person load capacity or go for a sail while relaxing in a nice anchorage. The 2.4 is also stable and simple enough to teach your kids to sail. 

Unicat 2.4 Sail uses the same inverted vee hull as the original Unicat. The inverted vee is much more stable than conventional dinghies which translates to a stable and safe tender and a forgiving sailboat. The high freeboard also ensures a dry ride in most conditions.


Despite the boxy appearance, the carefully optimized semi-displacement hull is very efficient. The Unicat is very easy to row, even with passengers and performs well under motor too. With a 5hp outboard the Unicat can reach speeds up to 15 knots (depending on loading and sea conditions) and is suitable for a maximum of 5hp. The easily driven nature of the hull results in good sailing speeds in most conditions. 


The T shaped seating arrangement allows passengers to be placed to allow correct trim of the boat in all load conditions. The seats are fully enclosed, giving plenty of reserve buoyancy and enhancing the safety of the boat. Watertight storage compartments can also be installed in the seats to store small items such as keys, cellphones and food. Seat infills convert the back half of the boat into a flat deck for more comfort while sailing. 

The Unicat 2.4 Sail is rigged with a balanced lug rig. The rig is designed with simplicity in mind, spreading loads and balancing the sail. The light loads and balanced sail minimize the use of blocks, cleats and other expensive hardware.

With 5.5 square meters of sail area, (Up from 4.5 with the old rig) the Unicat has plenty of power and needs very little wind to get her moving.  Flexible spars allow the sail to automatically reduces its camber as wind strength increases, de-powering the sail and giving a very forgiving sailing experience. The mast and spars are a simple straight aluminium tube, and the sail can be made from polyethylene tarpaulin cloth.


Construction is 4mm Meranti plywood or similar. Stitch and tape construction is quick and easy, and produces a boat which is lightweight and strong. Optional full size cutting templates save you hours of measuring work, and can be cut out and stuck to the plywood using removable spray adhesive.


Anyone with reasonable DIY and skills and basic tools can complete the Unicat to a good standard.  Plywood panels are joined with 200 gsm fiberglass tape, on both the inside and outside of the hull. The hull is sheathed with fiberglass on the outside for water and abrasion resistance. The floor is reinforced with fiberglass on both sides of the plywood.


Build times will vary depending on level of finish and the skill of the builder. The first Unicat was built by myself and one other person on weekends and evenings and was in the water only two weeks later, albeit unpainted. Painting took a further 3 weeks for a professional finish. We both have boatbuilding experience so first timers should expect to take a little longer.

Price includes a 10 page A2 format plan booklet with step by step instructions.


Length Overall: 2.4m (8ft)

Beam Overall: 1.2m (3.9ft)

Weight: 35 - 45kg (77 - 99lbs)
Max Load Capacity: 230kg (507lbs

Max Persons: 3
Max Horsepower: 5

Sail Area 5.5 square metres

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