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Unicat 2.8

Bigger - Better - More Stable

You asked for it and it's finally here. This is not just a lengthened 2.4, it's a completely new hull, designed from the ground up with more stability and better performance.

With many Unicat 2.8's now built, customers report that the design is very stable and handles choppy conditions well. It's also fast, reaching speeds up to 17 knots with a 10hp outboard, and planing with as little as 3hp.

We have taken everything that was great about the original Unicat 2.4 and made it even better. Stability has been improved by 75% and load capacity is up to 275kg or 3 adults plus gear. The longitudinal seats now include a compartment for an 11 litre tote fuel tank and the boat takes outboards up to 10hp. The seating arrangement allows for flexible placement of passengers for best performance and safety of the boat. 

The hull of the Unicat 2.8 is more efficient right throughout the speed range, making it both easy to row, and capable of high speeds under motor. The Unicat 2.8 is the same width as the 2.4 and can still be carried on a roof rack, or on a standard box trailer, even the back of some vans and pick up trucks. There will also be a sailing version released very soon. 

Construction is still stitch and tape plywood, however many refinements have been made to simplify the process as well as minimise waste and cost. The 2.8 only requires purchasing the same amount of plywood as the 2.4 and fibreglassing the entire hull is optional. The weight and cost of the 2.8 will only be slightly more than that of the 2.4. Anyone with basic DIY skills and a few power tools can build the Unicat range of boats. 

As always, plans are available in metric and imperial measurements. Optional full size templates are also available to eliminate a lot of measuring and marking out. 


Length overall:             2.8m    (9ft)

Width Overall:             1.2m     (4ft)

Load Capacity:             275kg  (606lbs)

Passenger Capacity:    3 persons

Max Horsepower:        10hp

Weight (Approx):         50kg     (110lbs)

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