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- Efficient -Fast - Safe - Stable-

The Eagle 4.6 metre power trimaran is a practical and efficient powerboat that can be propelled at good speeds using a small outboard motor. The economical construction method, easily driven hulls, and the ability to be powered by small outboards make this a cost effective powerboat.

Widely spaced amas (outrigger hulls) make the Eagle extremely stable, and 10 individual watertight compartments make it nearly unsinkable. High stability makes the Eagle great for all forms of fishing, and the low amas make it easy to climb aboard after swimming or snorkeling. 

The slender, deep vee main hull cuts through chop easily, gives a much smoother ride than most monohull powerboats and requires less power to propel. With an 8hp outboard motor and outboard mounted hydrofoil, the Eagle has a maximum speed of around 15 knots, but is happiest and most efficient when cruising at around 10 - 11 knots. The Eagle is most suitable for outboard motors form 5hp - 15hp but can be used with smaller motors. In Initial testing the Eagle achieved over 9 knots with only 3.3hp*.


The Eagle is designed to work best with an outboard motor fitted with a hydrofoil. We recommend the SST-B Series Hydrofoil.


Stitch and tape plywood construction is simple and cost effective and the Eagle can be built by anyone with good DIY skills, although prior experience working with stitch and tape is recommended for this boat. 

*Test with 3.3hp outboard motor performed in calm conditions with one person aboard. 


Length Overall: 5m (16ft)

Main Hull Beam Overall: 0.89m (2.9ft)

Main Hull Overall Length: 4.6m (15ft)

Beam Overall: 2.1m (6.9ft)

Max Persons: 3 Persons

Weight (Not including motor) : 100kg Approx

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